No Internet or Outage

The Internet is out

Your internet could be out for a number of reasons:
*Power Outage in your area or your home
*Line cut outside
-This happens sometimes when a contractor accidentally cuts a copper/ fiber in the ground when doing maintenance
-Another reason could be your pets may have chewed on wires inside or outside (this has happened!)
-Cables, antennas or power supply could be bent or broken
-Your router could be the cause, for example, if you hit the reset button, this will cause the configuration to change and not connect to MATI's equipment.
Slow Internet

My Internet is slow

Check the other devices in your house to see if their internet is also slow. One of the most common issues is that there are more devices connecting to the modem than your current level speed will effectively allow. Try to set up a schedule for each device to access the internet, or ask for a higher level speed.

Slow or intermittent WiFi

The most common signs of slow Wifi include:
* Buffering videos
* Internet websites are slow to load
* Signal strength (bars) are low on other devices
MATI has a speed test server that is very reliable in showing the correct download & upload speed of your device.
This link can be found at the top of this page.
Phone Issues


Call us right away for land line phone issues

Computer Issues

Call us and bring in your desktop or laptop. We have skilled technicians who will fix your PC/ Laptop, good as new! If you are absolutely positive that you have a virus/malware/spyware, immediately disconnect this device from the your internet (unplug ethernet cable/ disable WiFi and turn off device.)

Where can I get an Email address?

Call us and we will get you set up with an email account. You can receive up to 5 email accounts, for free!

I cannot access my email account

Sometimes we will see that an email account has been hacked, and we will change the password to the account to prevent the bad guys from using your account to send further spam. Call us if we haven't or cannot reach you by phone.
Your Modem/ Router

LED Lights on Modem

The most important lights to look for on the modem are Power, DSL and internet. These lights should be green. When you turn off and on the modem, the power light comes on, then dsl, then internet.
(Fiber customers with a SmartRg360 will not see the DSL light come on, but internet light should.)
If the internet light is on, but your device doesn't have internet then check the WiFi tab above.